HPLHS Holiday Ornaments

HPLHS Holiday Ornaments

$ 8.95

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Lovecraft loved the holidays, and no matter what you believe, we think it's good that everyone has a time to enjoy some festivities. With that in mind the HPLHS designed and manufactured its own ornaments. Festoon your Christmas tree with them, hang them on your Solstice Limb, or do whatever you like. Whether it's the false sense of security brought by the Elder Sign, the confirmation of impending doom brought by Great Cthulhu, or the pseudo-angelic cheer of an Elder Thing or Tsathoggua sitting atop his black stone - either way, these solid wood ornaments will brighten your holidays.

Ornaments are roughly 4 inches high, laser cut from Baltic birch with a metallic hanging cord. (Display stand shown not included). Hang them just as they are, or decorate them with paint, markers, glitter, or what have you! Designs by our very own Darrell Tutchton and Andrew Leman. These are manufactured in-house at the HPLHS by our very festive Ornament Shoggoth!

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