Delta Green Game Night - May 25

Delta Green Game Night - May 25

$ 7.00

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Join game master Peter Johnston for an evening of Delta Green role playing gaming at HPLHS Headquarters in Glendale, California on Thursday, May 25 at 7pm.

In this modern day setting, investigators are members of Delta Green - a rogue organization of government agents attempting to thwart the dark machinations of the Cthulhu Mythos. A vile conspiracy is afoot and danger lurks at every turn. Trust no one. Bring guns. Big ones. It's a bit like Call of Cthulhu got eaten by the X-Files. No previous experience with the Delta Green system is required. 

For this game, Handler Peter brings a riff on the Delta Green scenario Ex Oblivione.

"Vicious murders stain the Arizona desert.  Crazed words scrawled at a crime scene hint at Y'ha-nthlei and the sea.  Agents have a chance to claim vengeance for ancient wrongs -- or suffer it."

NOTE: To discourage those who book a seat at the table and then don't show up, we've had to implement a policy of charging for gaming reservations. For your $7 fee, you'll get a seat at the table and we'll provide tasty refreshments! Seats are limited and reservations are required. Book your ticket now.

Special thanks to Arc Dream Publishing and to our pals John Tynes, Scott Glancy Rachel Ivy, Shane Ivy and the rest of the Delta Green team.

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