Brain Cylinder Mug

Brain Cylinder Mug

$ 20.00

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Mi-Go Coffee Technology

We all know that Mi-Go Brain cylinders are useful for more than just brains. So, after many years of hiatus, we're delighted to bring back our "My Other Mug is a Mi-Go Brain Cylinder" mug. We've worked with some very strange engineers at the farthest edge of the solar system to bring you the very best in Mi-Go hot beverage technology.

This double-wall stainless steel mug holds 15 oz. (443ml) of coffee, tea or cerebrospinal fluid with exterior brush polishing, and interior mirror polishing. We strongly recommend not putting this in the dishwasher.

Don't miss out on our companion stainless steel insulated interstellar travel brain cylinder/mug. Or order both mugs and save some money!

The mi-go recommend this mug be hand or claw-washed. Mi-Go mugs are NOT microwave safe! 

Customer Reviews

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Jens A

I can't review the product since my brain is in another cylinder!

Excellent Brain Fluid Holder

I'm greatly enjoying my brain fluid (a.k.a. "coffee") mug.
I get compliments on it from friends and family, even from strangers....which is a little too much attention. But that is the result of cryptic inscriptions on it's surface.

It is easily washable and ready for hot coffee from a carafe. (It is metal, as all proper brain fluid mugs should be.)

JP Timko
Best mug in the solar system

I had been waiting for the reintroduction of the mug with this logo. What I did not expect this time was the outstanding quality. The brushed aluminum looks good, and the inner layer of stainless steel does a great job of keeping the coffee hot while not taking on the smell of coffee. Late at night I can grab it in the dark drying by the sink to get a drink of water and it water even coming out of my favorite coffee mug. the two layers allow for hot coffee to be held by the mug and not the handle without being too hot.

Jeff Barnes
This is your brain on caffeine -- and in a cylinder.

I just love these mugs! I suspect most people who see them (non-Lovecraftians) will be baffled, but that's part of the fun. You can mess with their minds while drinking from these mugs, but it also affords you an opportunity to explain and possibly turn someone else on to the works of HPL!

Sean Patrick Tracey
Keeps brains at the perfect temp!

My family got me these as a Solstice gift, love them!