Brain Cylinder Mug

Brain Cylinder Mug

$ 20.00

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Mi-Go Coffee Technology

We all know that Mi-Go Brain cylinders are useful for more than just brains. So, after many years of hiatus, we're delighted to bring back our "My Other Mug is a Mi-Go Brain Cylinder" mug. We've worked with some very strange engineers at the farthest edge of the solar system to bring you the very best in Mi-Go hot beverage technology.

This double-wall stainless steel mug holds 15 oz. (443ml) of coffee, tea or cerebrospinal fluid with exterior brush polishing, and interior mirror polishing. We strongly recommend not putting this in the dishwasher.

Don't miss out on our companion stainless steel insulated interstellar travel brain cylinder/mug. Or order both mugs and save some money!

The mi-go recommend this mug be hand or claw-washed. Mi-Go mugs are NOT microwave safe! 

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