Tibetan Expedition Sticker

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"Searchers after horror haunt strange far places...."

When Miskatonic launched its 1926 expedition to Outer Tibet, they had no idea of the horrors that were in store for them there. Sure, some expedition members survived and some responded very well to therapy in the sanitarium. Some even came home with souvenir hoodies.

Fortunately, you can enjoy a memento of the expedition without having had to endure the expedition's innumerable tribulations. Dimensions: 3 inch circle.

See also the woven Tibetan Expedition Patch! 

Customer Reviews

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Tina Ginorio
Expedition sticker plus other items

Stickers are fine. I'd love one formatted for a bumper sticker, with more durable materials. Or one I could stick on the inside of the car window. Got the map collection recently and was VERY pleased with the value for the money.

The recent radio plays however have not been up to the standard of the early ones like Mountains of Madness. Get back to the real Lovecraft stuff, or try out some of the August Derleth stories. The last two have been bland and begun edging over into woke agenda zones: being sure to include LGBTQ+ themes, insert STRONG female characters, race/gender swapping and be sure to run down Western culture where ever possible. Those are anachronisms and they break the fourth wall for those who love Lovecraft as Lovecraft.

There's lots of fabulous material out there--look for it and use it. We love your products. Do more stuffed animals (great old ones), too.

Josh R.
Great Sticker...But Only On Certain Things

I love this sticker so much! Unfortunately, though, I put it on my car's back window. It's apparently not designed for outdoor locations like this, and only lasted about three weeks before it became faded and peeled off. Just forewarning...stick it on a book or interior object, not a car. (And HPLHS, you might want to mention these are not great for outdoor/exterior objects in the description!)

Jeremy L
Nice little sticker

Sticks to metal objects really well.

Beautiful, and now serves a dual (political) purpose!

I just ordered 10 of those lovely stickers, not only to accompany my new expedition hoodie, but because that lovely Tibetan flag at the center was outlawed by the Chinese after the 1959 invasion -- though still the symbol of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile (in India). So in the 21st century it can be taken as a hint at your sympathy. How lovely that the date right on the sticker makes that deniable if you actually travel IN Chinese jurisdiction....