Cthulhu Fish

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We're bringing some icky to the ichthys to the bumpers of Lovecraft fans (and really, how many of you knew that's what this symbol is called?). Leave Jesus, Darwin and the rest of them in the dust with this Cthulhu Fish.


The Cthulhu Fish is designed and made by the maniacs at Dagon Industries. It's molded black plastic with a silver hot stamped finish, backed with a peel and stick adhesive strip and is approximately size 2.75" x 5". Note that hot stamp finish life can vary by climate conditions, exposure to cleaning chemicals and attacks by religious fundamentalists with sharp fingernails.

Customer Reviews

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Adam E.
Best Cthulhu Fish on the market!

The HPLHS' Cthulhu Fish has been adorning my cars' bumpers for nearly a decade. Recently, I've decided it's time to buy a new (used) car again, and the first thing I did was go to the HPLHS' store and buy two new Cthulhu Fish. The last one I bought has staunchly stayed on my old Subaru through rain and shine, mud, sleet and snow, and five years in is still shiny and terrifying.
If you are looking to proudly demonstrate your devotion to our Sleeping Lord out on the road, this is definitely the way to go.

Jeremy L
Great for tool boxes

I put this on my tool box, so far it has held up very well to the demands of everyday life.

Cthulhu fish

A must have for my car

William Patton
Jesus can have his gold fish

I am content with my Cthulhu fish.

Tobias Nilsson
Show your colours!

Got two of these, just in case the first one wouldn't last. Well, nothing to worry about there, Cthulhu's grabbed on to my car, and won't let go!