HPLHS Patches

HPLHS Patches

$ 5.00

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Patch Yourself Up

The HPLHS is pleased to announce the first wave of our new line of cloth patches. Woven to capture greater design detail, the patches are 2.5 – 3 inches across with iron-on backings (though we recommend sewing them in place for long-term use). Our vivid Lovecraftian artwork will spruce up your jacket, book bag, or whatever else you choose to affix them to. Order them individually or get the full set!

Need a garment to attach them to? How about the Tibetan Hoodie or Antarctic Expedition Hoodie!

The Miskatonic Expedition Set

These patches document three of Miskatonic's most celebrated (if ill-fated) expeditions of all time: the Antarctic Expedition of 1930-31 (2.5 inches diameter), the Australian Expedition of 1935 (3 inches across) and the Tibetan-Leng Expedition of 1926 (2.75-inches diameter). These are artfully designed in a period style to let you display just the right amount of Lovecraftian authenticity. Order them individually or save a couple of bucks and get the whole Expedition Set.


After numerous and vexing delays we are pleased to say these are now in stock. If you've placed an order, we're shipping them out as fast as we can.

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy L
Great patches

These iron on patches are well made and can sewn on too.


Well made, hight quality and design, convenient size. Was looking around for Lovecraft universe patches for a while now and then found HPLH society...thanks a lot!

Keith Davis
Excellent Quality!!

I was really surprised at how detailed these are. Can't wait to put them on my bag!!

Dorothea Uehara
Miskatonic patches

The patches are beautiful and well made.

Joseph Blankenship
Travel broadens the mind!

These patches were ordered during the Great Patch Disappearance of 2024, but when they arrived, they were of excellent quality! I am very satisfied.