Gamer Prop Pack - Map Collection

Gamer Prop Pack - Map Collection

$ 55.00

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Stunning Vintage Maps

As Call of Cthulhu© gamers know,  great props make for great gaming - and great props include great maps. The HPLHS' own Andrew Leman has curated and created a fantastic collection of replica vintage maps that beckon for inclusion in your adventures. Travel through time, and to real and imagined locations! These large format color maps are both gamable and framable!

  • World Map (1923)
  • Solar System Map (1930)
  • Air Routes Map (1928)
  • US Highways (1926)
  • Antarctica (1930)
  • Lovecraft's New England (1927)
  • South Pacific Nautical Chart (1925)
  • "Mystery Island" (c. 1925-35)
  • Gizeh Plateau, Egypt (1924)
  • Arkham, Mass. (c. 1920)
  • Dunwich, Mass. (1868)
  • Innsmouth, Mass. (1926)

The maps have the historical accuracy you crave, but are all in-world for Call of Cthulhu gaming. Stun your players by tossing one on the table or treat yourself to some elegant decor by framing one and adding it to your home or office.

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These should start shipping around April 26. 

NOTE: to keep shipping costs low, this product ships in the same box the maps are stored in. We're doing our best to use less packaging and keeping shipping costs affordable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Patrick Sheehan

Fantastic prop pack filled with maps incredibly useful to any CoC campaign.

Jeff Vandine
Extremely Impressive

While I always expect amazing work from HPLHS, this particular item was simply outstanding. The maps are beautifully rendered and fully in keeping with the kind of maps produced during the "classic era" of Call of Cthulhu, but not only are the true to both the time period and the normal map content, they also include (and indeed many are focused on) Cthulhoid story lines and menaces. It really doesn't get better than this, and my play group absolutely LOVED being able to "find" these maps in various places (libraries, personal files, whatever) during their explorations and research. Brilliant job, HPLHS!

Ali Emin
Highest quality

I don't know how they keep doing it. High quality props, meticulous attention to detail and keeping the price down. Thanks guys, you do amazing work

Michael Coburn
Map collection

Very well done. I am constantly wanting more to add to my collection.

Ralph K. Ginorio

As a Keeper/Game Master and as a teacher of the history of our shared Western Civilization, I'll expect to find many uses for these fine and fun maps and charts.