Arkham Investigator's Wallet - A Gaming Prop for Call of Cthulhu®

Arkham Investigator's Wallet Prop Set

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Great Props Make for Great Gaming

We think one of the best things about Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu® role playing game is its use of props. Being able to find and handle physical items that bring you deeper into the game is a big part of the fun. So, to help you crank up your fun, we've created the Arkham Investigator's Wallet and we've even thrown in an all-new CoC scenario written to feature the wallet.

We've taken a real vintage-style leather wallet and packed it full of more than 40 things that an investigator in 1920s Arkham might have on him/her: a driver's license, cards from local businesses, permits, tickets, money (coins and bills), and so much more (see full list below). Many of the props are made to be hand-customized so you can make them uniquely your own. We're also providing printable PDFs of selected props so you can digitally customize and make replacements if needed. The HPLHS has produced Ennie Award-winning prop sets for Masks of Nyarlathotep and Call of Cthulhu Classic. You won't believe the quality and authenticity of this collection.

Two Flavors

In addition to offering a real wallet filled with real props, we also have an all-digital version of this prop set. We realize many of you have taken to playing CoC online and we're here to help. With the Digital Edition of the AIW, you get all the documents from the wallet rendered digitally so you can deploy them in online gaming. All the files are non-printable PDF files for use in on-line gaming, some made with form fields so you can customize them with the correct fonts and personal details. You wont need paper, glue or scissors here - these digital props are ready to go. There's no wallet in this version, but the digital download does include a PDF of "The Dog Walker" scenario.

As the Digital Edition has not yet been finalized, it is NOT currently available for order. We'll make it available on this page just as soon as we're done making changes to it.

Call of Cthulhu™ Scenario Included

In addition to the documents designed by the HPLHS propmeister Andrew Leman, we're also including a Call of Cthulhu® scenario, "The Dog Walker", by the HPLHS game master Sean Branney. This adventure is set in 1920s Arkham and is written to let you deploy the wallet and its contents as a vital prop in the game. Don't have a gaming group? No problem, "The Dog Walker" also can be played solo with a downloadable choose-your-own-adventure style gaming. Either way, it's a fun mystery that gives investigators a whole lot of props to interact with as they grapple with mythos monstrosities. If you purchase the physical wallet, you'll get a perfect bound print edition of the adventure; customers purchasing the digital edition will get a PDF of the scenario.

"The Dog Walker" is intended for 2-6 players. Our play tests usually run 4-5 hours. The solo version plays a little faster as there's fewer decisions and less need to spend time in discussion with fellow players. NOTE: each player does not need his/her own wallet; one wallet will suffice for your group of players.

The Prop List

Wondering what you get?

  • a leather wallet in a box from Arkham's Gleason's Department Store
  • prop money (a one-dollar bill, a five-dollar bill and a $20 gold piece)
  • Airplane Ticket (a ride from a local barnstormer)
  • Alcohol Prescription blank
  • Arkham Trolley Token
  • Arkham Trolley Transfer
  • Arkham Chamber of Commerce City Map
  • a blank check from Arkham First Bank
  • Arkham Historical Society Membership Card
  • Arkham Public Library Card
  • Automobile Insurance Card
  • Arkham Bus Schedule
  • Automobile Bail Bond Certificate
  • Bank Remitter's Receipt
  • Business Cards from six Arkham establishments
  • Cookie Fortune
  • Eye of Amara Society Membership Card
  • Fleurs de Lys Cigarette Card
  • Grafton Diner Punch Card
  • Gun Permit
  • Hunting License
  • Vintage Key (each one unique)
  • Laundry Claim Ticket
  • Locker/Safe Combination
  • Lucky Clover Cartage Company Good Luck Token
  • Massachusetts Driver's License and Automobile Registration
  • Matchbook from an Arkham Supper Club
  • Miskatonic Athletic Association Membership Card
  • Miskatonic University Library Card
  • Miskatonic University Exhibit Museum Ticket
  • A New York Driver's License
  • Newspaper Classified Ad
  • Newspaper Horoscopes
  • Pawn Shop Ticket
  • Photo Developing Receipt
  • Snapshots
  • Two Vintage Snapshots
  • Two All-purpose Receipts
  • YMCA Locker Rental Receipt
  • a perfect-bound printed version of "The Dog Walker" scenario and more game-specific prop items

There's also a few things left off the list as they're more fun if they're surprises. But add it all up and you've got a wallet packed with the the kinds of stuff that your character might have had on their person in 1920s Arkham. Use them to flesh out your own games or dive in and play ours. Either way, you're in for a whole lot of Call of Cthulhu® fun! Our friends at Chaosium will be releasing an Arkham supplement in late 2023 and you'll find the world created by our props will blend seamlessly with the world of the upcoming supplement.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Carson Hines
Amazing gaming prop!

Truly an amazing gaming prop for group and solo. The quality is excellent and it doubles as a solo game or as an addition to your character in your gaming group. Almost want to get one for all of my players.

Robert Miller
Outstanding Set

Very neat game prop, very well thought out and made.

Jorge Valenzuela
Amazing wallet

Just as advertised and with awesome goodies. I use it for business to carry all my licenses and cards. Fits right into my jacket pocket and is handsome to boot. Thank you!


Outstanding as always.

Bob Geis
Amazing Prop and Scenario

It should surprise no one that this item is amazing. The props are beautiful- meticulously crafted and very authentic. The scenario makes excellent use of them. In addition, there are other items which you can use- either in your own games or simply to marvel at.
Another masterwork by HPLHS!