At the Mountains of Madness, Volume 2, Cover Art

The Illustrated At the Mountains of Madness - Vol. 2

$ 34.95

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A Spectacular Completion of the Tale

François Baranger has risen to become one of our favorite mythos artists. His illustrated Call of Cthulhu left us astonished. He followed this up with Volume One of At the Mountains of Madness. After an agonizing wait, we're delighted to offer up the final volume of the story.

This new English edition published by Fria Ligan and Design Studio Press features gorgeous paintings from the HPL's tale of Antarctic horror. Baranger's approach to the tale is bold and cinematic - you feel as if you're looking at storyboards for a movie. The scale and intensity in the illustrations are breathtaking.

The book is a large format hardback, 14 x 10.5 inches. The print quality is superlative. Really, if you're into Lovecraftian art, you'll want a copy of this. Note: this is Vol. 2 of a two volume set.

AVAILABILITY: We received our allotment of these are they are now shipping!

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