Providence Sunday Journal Replica

Providence Sunday Journal Replica

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"Recluse, Scholar and Gentleman"

On December 26, 1943 The Providence Sunday Journal published an article entitled "The Case of Howard Phillips Lovecraft of Providence, R.I." In it, the newspaper's Literary Editor W.T. Scott wrote a lengthy article about H.P. Lovecraft following the publication of Beyond the Wall of Sleep by the newly formed publisher, Arkham House. The article begins, "It is a regrettable, if not a wholly strange matter that one of the best writers Rhode Island has produced - perhaps the most remarkable - is practically unknown here." The article goes on to paint a thorough (and occasionally prescient) picture of the man and his work and it's accompanied by a photo of HPL and the famed Georgian illustration of HPL by Virgil Finlay.

The HPLHS acquired a fragile, yellowed original of the paper and through the ceaseless toiling of the HPLHS Graphics Department recreated the entire page (including a reverse side!) in painstaking detail and then had it printed on an actual newspaper press at full size (about 17.5 by 23 inches). The result is an authentic replica of page 6 from section III of the Sunday Journal. The document is a fascinating look at HPL from just after the time of his death. It's also a great view of a Providence newspaper from that era, complete with book reviews, letters to the editor and a crossword puzzle.

This replica document is only available through the HPLHS and is, quite frankly, the kind of thing only we would be weird enough to make and provide for Lovecraft fans. We realize our products can sometimes be confusing as we often fabricate newspaper articles and other period documents. This is not that - this is a recreation of one page of an actual newspaper from 1943.

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Paul Shipkoski
I should have bought two.

I should have bought two. One for my wall and the other to read in the bathroom.

Jeremy L
This is an amazing replica from the actual P.S.J.

I bought this out of curiosity and I was not disappointed. The HPLHS made a complete replica of the original story from 1943. What got me was that almost no one knew HPL and near 6 years later he was wrote about only due to August D. and Donald W. making Arkham House publishing. If you like Lovecraft and wanted to know more or just a big fan, this is a must have!


Sent protected in a stout envelope marked as from the “H.P.L.H.S. Clipping Bureau”, this is a full-sized, full-page reprint from “The Providence Sunday Journal”, complete with its mid World War (December 1943) news commentaries and letters, and short book reviews. Crossword puzzlers should be aware that the puzzle’s solution is on page 5 of section V in the newspaper; the puzzle though is on page 6 of section III! Of course, what we’re all really here for is the delightful early biography of HPL himself, which occupies around two-thirds of page 6. Those who have read more recent biographies may smile at the gaps and inaccuracies, but this is a genuinely lovely tribute, written with care, thoughtfulness and an appreciation of just what a remarkable, at the time still little-regarded, talent Lovecraft had possessed, and which Providence had then only relatively recently lost. A particular vote of thanks is due to the HPLHS for rediscovering and reproducing this splendid addition to Lovecraft studies.

Martin Miller

This is an amazing piece of Lovecraftia, and I can highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading about our beloved HPL.

Well worth every penny spent on it!

fascinating addition to lovecraft studies

Great rediscovery of a feature article vitally relevant to a more complete sense of Lovecraft's reception. The reproduction is clear and sharp