Cat of Ulthar - Lovecraftian Netsuke

Lovecraftian Netsuke

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They're back! Get 'em while we've got 'em!

With traditional Japanese clothing a small carved figurine was often used to attach a cord from the belt of a kimono that held up a small pouch or basket. This cord was secured to the belt with carved ornamental figures (often of ivory or wood). Celebrated Providence sculptor Gage Prentiss has created a series of Lovecraftian netsuke for you to enjoy (kimono not required). He's written a fun backstory about Ito, the fictitious sculptor of the pieces. The available netsuke are:

  • Cat of Ulthar
  • Deep One
  • Dagon on Whale
  • Ghoul with Bone
  • Elder Thing

Pick your favorite or collect all five! All sculptures are cast in polyeurethane resin and are roughly 2.5 inches tall (or wide). 

Please note, these netsuke are intended for decorative use and are not meant to be worn.

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