Cat of Ulthar - Lovecraftian Netsuke

Lovecraftian Netsuke

$ 28.00

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They're back! Get 'em while we've got 'em!

With traditional Japanese clothing a small carved figurine was often used to attach a cord from the belt of a kimono that held up a small pouch or basket. This cord was secured to the belt with carved ornamental figures (often of ivory or wood). Celebrated Providence sculptor Gage Prentiss has created a series of Lovecraftian netsuke for you to enjoy (kimono not required). He's written a fun backstory about Ito, the fictitious sculptor of the pieces. The available netsuke are:

  • Cat of Ulthar
  • Deep One
  • Dagon on Whale
  • Ghoul with Bone
  • Elder Thing

Pick your favorite or collect all five! All sculptures are cast in polyeurethane resin and are roughly 2.5 inches tall (or wide). 

Please note, these netsuke are intended for decorative use and are not meant to be worn.

Customer Reviews

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They’re right at home with my other Lovecraftian props and displays. They’re larger than I expected and the craftsmanship is excellent in mimicking the rough-hewn, yet lovingly crafted gewgaws.

Gloria Z.
The Cat of Ulthar

I could not pass up the opportunity to enrich my cat figurines collection with an Ultharian cat, contentedly reposing on a picked clean skull. He is beautiful! Well made with great detail. Great conversation starter. I explained to my husband, 'this is a cat of Ulthar, and THAT (the skull) is all that's left of someone who was cruel to the cats of Ulthar.' Any questions?

Jason Basile
Not functional

I purchased this thinking it was a functional netsuke which I was actually going to wear with my kimono. These items are not functional and are essentially $30 statues. The craftsmanship is great but I am not at all happy that I cannot use it for its intended purpose.

We're sorry this wasn't what you're looking for. As with any HPLHS product, you can return it in new condition for a full refund.

Tobias Nilsson
One for all

This was my introduction to the art of netsuke, and what a way to open my eyes to it! I immediately fell for the "Cat of Ulthar" (although it rather makes me think of Rats in the Walls), and knew I had to have it.
But why stop there? All the figures look amazing, so I went for the full set, and while the cat is still my favourite, they are all highly detailed and high quality products that I love owning and looking at.

Tom McLain
Picked Up

The Elder Thing in person at the HQ today in Glendale, and got to meet The Gents. Cross an important milestone off my bucket list, and the figurine is amazing!