Live at the Gilman House

Live at the Gilman House

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Ogham Waite and the Amphibian Jazz Band recorded live at the lounge of the Gilman House Hotel in legend-shrouded Innsmouth, Mass. Join Ogham and the band for a moody yet lively romp through these jazz standards.

My Slimy Cephalopod Some Wonderland Overseas
Blue Seas When You've Got the True Marsh Eyes
Somewhere Under the Ocean We'll Be Stalking You
The Very Scent of You You Notice My Head

This recording features eight memorable tunes, sung by Innsmouth's favorite singing talent playing for the hometown crowd with his band. As Robert Olmstead said, "It's a night I could never forget".

Listen for yourself - free sample track.

Live at the Gilman House features eight tracks with a total play time of 33:10. Available as a CD, Digital Download or Deluxe Collector's Vinyl LP.

Musical purists will be pleased to know performances are done on real analog instruments - digital sampling doesn't go over well in Innsmouth.

Customer Reviews

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Professor Rover M. Wolf
"As Skillful As It Is Believable"

I have been a trombonist since my latest years of primary school.  Since then, I have played more than my fair share of jazz.  Yet across those decades, I was not enabled to fancy this American signature genre of music.  It never really "sang" to me as a vocalist from an international line of accomplished classical musicians.  While at university as a music student, my department never went out of its way to support a barely existing jazz program, and one faculty member even openly bore the unfortunate attitude of "just play it twice and call it jazz" when accounting for performance errors and imprecisions.  In time, I somehow managed to adopt jazz as an acquired taste, and I am elated to learn that my former institution of music education currently has a dynamically flourishing platform for promoting jazz.  Besides, these 1920s and 1930s of such concern to us as enthusiasts of H.P. Lovecraft's era and works encapsulate the definitive Jazz Age of the United States - that perfectly imperfect musical expression of the more dirty, gritty, and nasty aftermaths of the Great War which slithered against the grain of just about everything that preceded it and inevitably touched every facet of America's cultural, industrial, and technological developments.  Within the context of these considerations and characterisations, this remarkably clever, faithful, and imaginative album was both arranged and performed with a theatrically musical ability certainly worthy of our H.P.L.H.S. forum!

Atmospheric and compelling

I agree with all the other reviews that this is not only very creative, with a lot of inside jokes to delight Lovecraftians, but also has the highest production values. Take a listen to the sample, which does capture the idea. I look forward to getting the the other album, Live in Stockholm. And I hope more records in the series gets produced in the near future.


I bought the cd for this years ago and lost it to an ex. I told my husband about it and he got it for me this year for xmas. I love it! The sound quality is amazing, and all the songs are as good as I remember. I'll have to pick up the Live in Stockholm album soon because I need more batrachian serenades in my life!

Kody Raslawski
A musical gift from the HPLHS

Myself and my players have come to love the Live a the Gilman House CD during their adventures into Innsmouth. The Innsmouth twists on these classic jazz songs are fantastic. I cannot recommend this CD enough to anyone who enjoys jazz and Lovecraft.

Byron Gene Mace
i croaked gutterly deeply with gurgling Joy

Beyond my feverish beaded dreams----I foundg this deeply changing-----D6:13 12 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This frog mouth dropped