Detail view of  front page of "Dagon" newspaper with terrified man peeking over the top.

Dagon Newspaper

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A World in Upheaval

In our episode of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre - Dagon: War of Worlds, some newsworthy incidents take place. We thought it would be fun to imagine how the newspapers of the day might have covered the terrifying events taking place worldwide. All DART episodes come with a prop newspaper clipping, but for this special episode we decided to do an entire newspaper. So, we've created an edition of the San Francisco Call Bulletin (an actual San Francisco newspaper of the day) which chronicles the events which take place in the episode!

The newspaper matches the broadsheet size of 1930s newspapers, which, at 35 inches wide and 22.75 inches high, were substantially larger than the papers of today. This eight-page special edition features 28 stories, and about 672 column inches of breaking news, with photos, maps, diagrams, advertisements and much more. It's actually printed by an actual newspaper press and is made with the kind of crazed verisimilitude that you've come to expect from the HPLHS.

SPOILERS GALORE - It's our feeling that this prop is best enjoyed immediately after listening to our radio play. Of course you can simply enjoy the newspaper in its own right whenever you like, reading for yourself what the news media might have done with a global attack by the forces of the Cthulhu Mythos in 1935. We can tell you that all of the plot events which happen in the radio play are reported in detail, plus there are additional articles providing news of events which unfolded in Stockholm, Barcelona, Brisbane, Mobile and beyond. In order not to spoil some of the plot points of the show, we have redacted some of the headlines in the photos on this listing. Once Dagon: War of Worlds has been out for a few weeks, we will remove the black bars....

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