Mountains of Madness Combo

Mountains of Madness Combo

$ 72.00

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Just in time for the icy chill of the holiday season, the HPLHS combines its Antarctic product line to make for one frosty box of fun. The combo contains:

• the CD of our 70+ minute 1930s-style radio play of Lovecraft's famed story, complete with expedition photos, and newspaper clipping

• our Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition hoodie sweatshirt. This high-quality, fleece lined, zip-up hoodie is a first-rate garment with the expedition logo silk screened on the back and Miskatonic logo on the front. Note, hoodie is now cocoa brown rather than blue as depicted above.

• a personalized letter from Professor Dyer rejecting your application to join the Miskatonic U. Antarctic Expedition (only available in this special combo pack)

This combo makes a great holiday gift and saves you nearly $10 compared to getting the items separately. Shoggoths not included. Probably.

Now available in XXL! Click here for sizing chart.

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