The Call of Cthulhu - Soundtrack

The Call of Cthulhu - Soundtrack

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Because silent movies aren't silent...

The Call of Cthulhu Soundtrack brings you all the haunting orchestral score from the HPLHS film The Call of Cthulhu on CD. Compositions by Troy Sterling Nies, Ben Holbrook and Nicholas Pavkovic capture the feeling of the 1920s pit orchestra and the dark suspense of Lovecraft's story.

The CD features the music as originally written by the composers. The music is performed by the seldom-recorded Arkham Symphony Orchestra. If you enjoy the music in the movie, you will want to have this recording.

Also available as a digital download, featuring high quality MP3 audio files and digital cover art. Download it, unzip it and feed it to your iPod or other MP3 player!

Free MP3 Audio Samples
Track Composer
Main Title Ben Holbrook
The Interrogation of Castro Ben Holbrook
Cyclopean Dreams Troy Sterling Nies
Neither Dead Nor Dreaming Troy Sterling Nies
Damnable Detail Nicholas Pavkovic

Customer Reviews

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Chris Jones
Great Soundtrack

I’m a sucker for good soundtracks, and I collect them. I enjoyed the soundtrack so much from the film that I immediately had to own this. It’s been great for just casual listening, as background while writing and indulging in other creative pursuits, and as mood-setting for CoC and other horror game sessions. A great purchase!

Julian Nimmo
Simply Wonderful

I love this soundtrack to an amazing horrific movie! The score is haunting and impactful when you watch the Call of Cthulhu. I've actually used tracks from this when I Keep for the Call of Cthulhu rpg just to lower the sanity minute by minute, haha!

Great Score for an amazing movie.

I love the film and collect movie scores so this was a must have for me. The music perfectly captures the feel of the film and is an amazing listen by itself.


The CD has arrived safe and sound--I am listening to it as I type and it is exquisite!!!

Tobias Nilsson
A great compliment, and a great stand-alone

The HPLHS's filmatisation of The Call Of Cthulhu is the second best venture a HPL story has had in that format, only surpassed by the same people's The Whisperer In Darkness, and one of the things that make it so swell is that they've kept it truly old-school.
As it is a silent movie, it is highly dependent on its score to bring emotions and life to the images, and here I must say tha the gentlemen Troy Sterling Nies, Ben Holbrook, and Nicholas Pavkovic have done an outstanding job. The soundtrack is both engaging, authentic to the period it emulates, and works as well as a companion piece to the film, as it does as a stand-alone piece of music just for listening. There are up's and down's, happy moments and sad, epicly dramatic and nice and calm moments, all intertwining and telling a story of their own, with or without accompanying pictures.
I'm not sure what the reason behind using three different composers have been. They have, from what I gather, not worked together, but rather on each of their own, separate pieces, but I enjoy all of it. Nies is well known to HPLHS aficionados, as he behind most of the music for their radio theatres, the DART shows found elsewhere on this site. The other two composers are unknown to me outside of this album.

Anyway, great music, be sure to get it forthwith!