Call of Cthulhu Combo

Call of Cthulhu Combo

$ 60.00

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You want Cthulhu? We got Cthulhu.

The HPLHS is happy to offer up all our most popular The Call of Cthulhu products in one cyclopean bundle. The combo includes:

• the DVD of our silent film of The Call of Cthulhu

• the CoC movie soundtrack CD

• Lee Moyer's glorious 24 x 36 movie poster

• a t-shirt silkscreened by our own specially trained shoggoths

• a prop newspaper clipping from the Sydney Bulletin with an article by HPL himself

This is the kind of sanity-draining gift that will haunt the dreams of your loved ones for years and it saves you a few bucks in the process.

NOTE: this product ships in two parts. The poster ships separately in a mailing tube and the shirt, DVD, CD and clipping ship in a another box. 


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