Phnglui T-shirt

Phnglui T-shirt

$ 25.00

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Delight Cthulhu cultists and confuse the rest of the world with the HPLHS Phnglui Shirt. "What part of ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn don't you understand?"

Silk screened by our specially trained shoggoths onto a 100% cotton shirt, made by Royal Apparel in the USA. Click here for sizing chart.

We now also offer this shirt in our Redbubble store, where it is available in a wider array of sizes, colors and styles!

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy L
I don't understand!!!

Haha! Really well made shirt, fits like the skin of a dimensional shambler! I suggest everyone should buy one!

Great quality!

Great quality, reasonable price (even in Canadian dollars). The costumer service is very professional, fast and friendly. H. P. Lovecraft would have been pretty proud of that website.

Rondy M. Reeves, Jr.
A Fine T-Shirt

After a spin in the ol’ washer and dryer my new shirt was ready to make its grand appearance in polite society.

The shirt is soft and comfortable and the printing is outstanding and seems as if it will survive a lifetime of washer/dryer cycles. I found that the sizing was accurate and that my Large fits exactly as it should. There was no shrinkage from the tumble in the dryer.

I do wish that the shirt were a bit different: I would like this shirt to have perhaps the Society logo on the upper-left chest and the graphics across the back. As the writing is smaller than I imagined it would be, it could be written larger across the back. Let’s make that happen, guys.

And why are there no Society polo shirts? We definitely need that ASAP.

Finding the Initiated

Should anyone wonder, this is a high quality shirt, comfortable and soft. I've had mine for almost ten years, and it is great to wear. The many quizzical expressions and the very few knowing smiles make me feel like an avatar of Nyarlathotep.

The best shirt ever!

I love seeing faces of the people, both of those who are in the know and those who are not, when they see me wearing this shirt. As a shirt, the size fits perfectly, and the quality is great. Would definitely recommend it!