Gilman House Lounge T-shirt

Gilman House Lounge T-shirt

$ 25.00

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Hey, you've been to Innsmouth. You may even share a little family resemblance with some of the locals. You know there's no place like the Gilman House Lounge to settle in for a Salty Cod or a Gilman House Wallbanger. And of course, the Gilman House has the best chowder in Innsmouth. So why not spread the word that you're nearly a local yourself?*

Artwork is silk screened by our own specially trained shoggoths. Shirt is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend in navy blue with a flattering fitted cut, made in the USA by Royal Apparel. The sizes listed in the pop-up menu above are the only ones available for this design. Click here for sizing chart.

We now also offer this design in our Redbubble store, where you can find a greater range of colors, sizes and styles. We also have Gilman House Lounge coasters there!

* I (Sean Branney here) wore the prototype of this shirt to a seldom traveled island off the coast of Maine. I ordered a cone from the local ice cream shack. The girl scooping stopped and looked at my shirt for a moment. Then she smiled knowingly. And when she handed me my cone said in hushed tones, "I LOVE H.P. Lovecraft". There are people out there who will understand.

Customer Reviews

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Connor Mercer
Wonderfully Comfortable

This shirt is made of very good material and the design holds up well after numerous washes. Overall, I have to say it's a splendid piece of apparel.

Delightfully Damp

Not just hilarious, but remarkably comfortable as well. Very soft, yet not too thick cotton allows for breathing at depth pressures that would destroy inferior fabrics. As we all know, Zadok Allen was fond of the sauce, so there’s little doubt he’d have been a Gilman House regular and approve of this brilliant HPLHS t-shirt. Those without exposed glands might interpret these comments as ‘toadying’….and they’d be right to do so. Iä!

Innsmouth's Best Chowder Joint

I am sad to report I was booked by the Gotham City PD last weekend (on trumped up charges, I assure you). I'm proud, however, to say I was able to share the news about Innsmouth's best chowder joint. Namely, The Gilman House Lounge! They also have occasional musical performances to liven an evening.

Best T Shirt of all Time

I (sadly) wear a lot of T shirts. However, this is my favorite of all time. I once had someone approach me at a BBQ and say "I'm from Massachusetts and that town doesn't ring a bell." My response was that it's a small place on the coast. This person later approached me again and told me they now remembered it. Great.

Lou Toscano
Great Artwork

Mine is 100 per cent combed cotton and feels great...and made in the USA. I keep looking at it. The more I look at it I get thirsty and hungry. Tail is prehensile - love it!