Miskatonic University Sticker

$ 3.50

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If you're going to shell out the big bucks for an eldritch education at Miskatonic University then you may as well show it off. Our high quality sticker features the academic seal of Miskatonic and it sticks well to notebooks, beer kegs and other academic fixtures.

Dimensions: 5 inch circle

Customer Reviews

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Great quality!

I got a couple of these a while back as part of my Miskatonic University Combo. I'd held off using them until I found the right application, and when my new laptop arrived the other day, I knew I'd found the right spot for one of them!

I'm now writing you from that laptop, set up in my new Lovecraft-Themed game room, with my Miskatonic Diploma on the wall, a framed Miskatonic pennant above the wall-mounted monitor, and a bunch of Cthulhu idols watching on. They nod approvingly when the think I'm not looking...I can sometimes catch a glimpse of of the corner of my eye, but of course they stop when I turn to look at them directly. Ia, Ia!

Now, I'd love to find an appropriate MU image to set as my computer background "Wallpaper." :-E

Aragorn Johnson
Roleplay Paradise

Great quality stickers for all your Miskatonic needs.

Jeremy L
The sticky big one

It's big, it's sticky, it looks awesome! Don't think about buying it, just buy it.

For the Cultist on a Budget

Love these stickers so much! Perfect for dressing up otherwise boring notebooks, and because I can slap them on as many as I want I don’t have to worry about being precious with them like a fancy journal. Great for the cultist on a budget!

Alex Groggett
Miskatonic Pride

As I said in my review of the Miskatonic Hoodie, I may not be a Alumnus. But I will always support Miskatonic, in all that I do and say.