Miskatonic University Class Ring

Miskatonic University Class Ring

$ 134.00

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Celebrate your days back at your old alma mater, Miskatonic University with this beautiful sterling silver class ring. Whether you're Henry Armitage locking up Miskatonic's Rare Book Room or you're Guillermo del Toro picking up your Oscar, you'll look better with this ring on. 

Details: The Miskatonic Class Ring is sterling silver with a black antiquing finish. The MU ring measures 19.2 mm top to bottom. The band measures 4.1 mm wide and 3.5 mm thick. The ring weighs approximately 14.8 grams. The weight will vary with size. The area behind the signet is partially carved out to increase comfort. The inside of the band is stamped with our makers mark, copyright, and metal content.

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