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Lovecraft Cocktails

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Elixirs & Libations from the Lore of H.P. Lovecraft

It's ironic, isn't it? Lovecraft was a writer who never saw his works published in book form during his lifetime. He was also a teetotaler who never touched alcohol. And here we are with a newly published book of Lovecraftian cocktails. After the success of The Necronomnomnom, a Lovecraftian cookbook, Mike Slater has followed is up with this compendium of Lovecraftian libations.

The author and the illustrator behind the best-selling Necronomnomnom have summoned another glorious grimoire―this time featuring cursed cocktails. These boozy and punny recipes pay homage to Lovecraftian horror themes and monsters with titles such as the King in Jell-O, Pink FlaMi-Go, and Sunken Island Iced Tea. Further libations include the Hell Residente, Moscow Ghoul, the Root Beer of All Evil, and the Bloodbath & Beyond. The book provides “Virgin Sacrifices” for the coachman designated to drive everyone back from the séance, or for anyone not wanting to imbibe the devil’s water.

This 192 page hardback volume contains 75 drinks, potions, concoctions, and offerings (including a submission by the HPLHS' own Sean Branney) for your next haunted housewarming or Samhain soirée.

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