Innsmouth Combo

Innsmouth Combo

$ 100.00

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We've spruced up our Innsmouth Combo to bring you some of our newest and creepiest creations all in one fishy bundle. Fans of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" can immerse themselves in the story's world with:

• the monograph and CD of The Curious Sea Shanties of Innsmouth, Mass. Hear the hearty yet frightful songs of working Innsmouth sailors and enjoy the scholarship of those shanties by Miskatonic professors.

• a Tooth of Dagon, a scrimshawed megalodon shark's tooth, carved by an Innsmouth sailor. It's hefty, serrated and awesome!

• our Esoteric Order of Dagon Hooded Sweatshirt. This warm, comfy cultist sweatshirt is stylish yet ominous. Sweatshirt is made by American Apparel, right here in sweat-shop free conditions in sunny Los Angeles.

• Esoteric Order of Dagon membership card. Printed with your name on it, this customized card shows your devotion to the E.O.D. and is even stamped to indicate the oaths you've taken. It's a fun and excellent prop and only available in this special combo pack.

Best of all, our Innsmouth Combo saves you $30 off the price of items if ordered separately. Take the plunge for the New & Improved Innsmouth Combo today.

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Customer Reviews

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Colin Jackson
Amazing Quality

To say I was awestruck upon receiving these items would be a half-truth. These items are all top quality, and we'll worth more than what is being charged here. The packaging was incredible and really felt like you were sent a grand artifact. The membership card was so well done and such a high quality. Major details in the smallest things, even down to the quality of the paper. Hoodie is very comfortable! It's also thin enough I know I'll be able to use it for summer rides on my motorcycle and not die from heat in the daytime.

The tooth has to be the crown jewel of this lot. The scrimshaw is astonishing and it is very hard to tell this isn't a real item. The weight of the piece, combined with the painting is incredible. I really can't speak highly enough about everything here. Very excited to place the items into my curio cabinet.

You will be doing yourself a disservice if you pass this up.

Very Good

The sweater is comfortable and fits well. Get a size bigger if you are on the fence.

The card is awesome and I keep it in my wallet at all times.

The tooth is impressive. It's a great addition to my work desk and it blends in well.

Join us!

Robin K. Chan
Amazing value

Don't miss this...

William Patton
Dagon fans unite

This is a great bargain for Dagon fans. The CD of sea shanties is fun to sing along to and the accompanying booklet is an interesting read. The tooth is a great piece of art and the hoodie looks great and is quite warm. And above all membership in the E.O.D. The E.O.D. wants you, join us.

Rondy M. Reeves, Jr.
Love It

There’s not a ton that can be said other than that this is pretty awesome. The CD is really enjoyable to listen to, the hoodie is quite nice with fine imprinting (just make sure you check the lint trap on your dryer after you wash and dry it; holy dryer fire, Batman), the tooth is really, really awesome, and the monograph on the shanties is a fun read, and the EOD card is very cool. There’s a lot to love here for the price, and I think that it’s definitely worth the $100 smacker price tag.

My only complaint is that my tooth had a soft piece of foam that had escaped the hardening process from the manufacturer and it bugged the crap out of me, so I clipped it off and put a little superglue on the spot.

Now have the cutie that models the hoodie give me a call. Uhhh...the chick, not the creepy-looking dude, just so we’re clear.