Eldritch Elf Assistance

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Members Supporting Fellow Members

If you're an HPLHS member participating in this year's Eldritch Elf Gift Exchange, we've set this page up to make it easier for you to give financial aid to fellow members who could use a little help this holiday season. Just select the level of giving that's right for you. We'll take those funds and issue 100% of them back to the members who said they could use help in order to participate this year. 

Last year we were able to cover the cost of gifts and shipping for everyone who asked for it as more than 100 Elves supported fellow members. If more funds are needed than what comes in, the HPLHS will cover any shortfall and if we collect more than we need, we'll give those members whatever extra comes in.

You can use the quantity to adjust your donation to whatever level works for you (e.g. if you want to give $15, just select the $5 level with a quantity of 3). 

Thanks for supporting your fellow members in need this holiday season.

Customer Reviews

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Glad to help a cultist in need!

Gary Fisher
Solstice Spirit!

I don't know what I like better about this - being able to anonymously help out like-minded people, or having the Society make doing that so easy. Thank you, HPLHS, and to all members, have a scarily satisfying Solstice!