Cthulhu Cantata

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Cthulhu in a Classical Vein

In its ongoing effort to provide our customers with the most interesting and unusual Lovecraftian entertainment, we're delighted to present the Cthulhu Cantata. It's weird, it's classical. HPL would probably have loved it. We think you will too.
Composer Richard Thomas Hill (b. 1969) fuses a Baroque sacred music form with 21st century musical language using prose and poetry of H. P. Lovecraft as well as original lyrics by the composer and Charles Moore, Jr. The result is a piece of ritual music worthy of the cult featuring stunning vocal performances from professional singers well versed in Baroque and Classical music as well as modern techniques. Click tracks to hear samples

1. Introit

2. Loathsomeness Waits

3. Cosmic Intermezzo 1 (“Lighthouse In A Storm”)

4. Night-Gaunts

5. When The Stars Were Ready

6. Cosmic Intermezzo 2 (“The Colour Out Of Space”)

7. The Most Merciful Thing In The World

8. Cosmic Intermezzo 3 ("From The Depths")

9. The Bells

10. Efficiunt Daemones

11. Mystery Derelict Found At Sea (A Shanty)

12. Incantation

Performed By: The Arkham Virtual Chamber Orchestra

Soprano: Rachael Lipson

Alto: Javvieaus Stewart

Tenor: Shane Tapley

Bass: Jordan Barrett

Choral Director: John Walthausen

Saxophones: William Conn

Trombones: Chris Mele

Drums: Ritchie DeCarlo

Fiddle: Mollie Ducoste

Percussion: Dave Schonauer & Rich Hill

Electric and Acoustic Bass: Andrew Nelson

Strings: Four For Music, Ltd. Acoustic Guitar: Rich Hill

Electronics: Ritchie DeCarlo & Dave Schonauer

NOTE: the CD version of this product includes a free MP3 download of the album. 


Customer Reviews

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Love it

"Mystery Derelict" has to be one of the funniest ones you guys have come up with yet. I love it, hahaha. Great entire album, I can tell making this must have been tons of fun. My only wish is for digital lyric sheets for your albums (I have some hearing loss that makes picking up speech and lyrics difficult sometimes - but overall this was very clear).

This is a great compilation with a diverse set of styles: dramatic, soaring, echoing cathedral sounds linking this work to the Solstice albums, next to pieces with an upbeat modern broadway sound, or slow lounge jazz, with an excellent shanty to link it thematically with the Innsmouth album, and then with alien space ambient filling in the void between them all. This whole thing is brilliantly experimental. "The Most Merciful Thing" gave me strong vibes of Andrew Lloyd Webber putting T.S. Eliot to music (yes, I'm making a Cats reference, yes, that's a positive to me - HPL would probably have loved Cats haha), but with the unsettling syncopation making it so wonderfully cultish.

Huge hats off to the composer and the performers. Again this is fantastic!!

A Fascinating Curiosity

The performances, both instrumental and vocal, are excellent, with good ensemble and accurate pitch. The singers enunciate their texts clearly; this is no small matter. Lovecraft was an amateur philologist who logically believed that alien languages would be nearly unpronounceable by humans. It's a detail that enhances the work but isn't easy for human singers. The Arkham Choir does a yeoman job in making sense of it all.