Brotherhood of the Beast Prop Closeout

Brotherhood of the Beast Prop Closeout

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Prop Liquidation Sale

We've decided to retire our Deluxe Brotherhood of the Beast - a fabulous vintage satchel filled with more than 60 props from the show. This has left us with a number of props from the show which we are making available to you. We don't usually sell props from our sets individually, but we're making an exception. This time. The props are super-realistic documents and are perfect for Call of Cthulhu™ gamers, LARPers, or those who love vintage documents. Dimensions below are in inches.

  • Blueprints for Doomsday Machine - the Brotherhood's very weird plans for a very weird machine (16 x 26)
  • Blutsauger Spell - a spell, hand lettered in German, for summoning a Star Vampire (12 x 6.75)
  • Edward Chandler's Horoscope - a hand draw horoscope for the Brotherhood's villain-in-chief (8.5 x 9.5)
  • First Class Steamship Menu - see how the rich and famous dined on an Orient luxury liner (booklet, 6 x 9)
  • Guide to Eastern European Castles - A sixteen page guidebook to the castles of Hungary, Roumania & Jugoslavia (booklet, 16 pages, 6 x 9)
  • Houdini Poster - a glossy poster for a fictional act: Imprisoned with the Pharaohs (17 x 11) 
  • New World Incorporated Stock Certificate - a classy vintage stock certificate - canceled (8.5 x 14)
  • Nophru Ka Family Tree - a huge hand-drawn family tree tracing the evil ruler's descendants through the centuries (23 x 9.5 inches)
  • Summon Beast Spell - a spell, handwritten in both Latin and Ancient Egyptian, for bringing the Great Sphinx to life (12.5 x 9.5)
  • Testimony of Jan Sevachik - the strange handwritten tale from the 1600s of a Romanian priest with occult troubles (13 x 8)
  • Vampire Handbill - a large poster warning about vampires - in Romanian (11.5 x 16.5)
  • Vintage Boston Map - a very detailed vintage map of Boston near where Fenway park stands today (20 x 14)
  • Vintage Map of Gizeh - a 1920s map of the plateau of Gizeh in Egypt (16 x 24)
  • Vintage San Francisco Bay Area Map - an amazing 1920s map of the Bay Area (24 x 14)
  • Xoth Star Chart - a blood spattered hand-drawn astronomical chart (20 x 16)

Customer Reviews

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Robert Feuillerat
Now, I only need to find a Hauptman Condensor Lens System...

Purchased the "Blueprints for Doomsday Machine". Printed edge to edge, looks very realistic. It would look nice framed. Plenty of pseudo-science-buzz-words and handwritten notes. It is shipped folded in thirds for the length, then in half for the height. The fold lines add to the feel and appearance that it has been handled by others if you were to use it for a TTRPG or LRP prop. Now, where did I leave that Sonic Screwdriver...

Nick R
Great Quality

I bought a couple of pieces and framed them. They make really cool wall decor

Vampire Handbill, SF Map, and Summon Beast Spell

As always, these prop items are wonderfully done. I picked up two for gifts and one for my collection but I may have to order another. The paper and texture effects really enhance the look and creepiness. Andrew, Sean, and everyone at HPLHS thank you!

Vampire Handbill

Absolutely stellar quality. Love the design and the details. It's even printed with weathered "texture"* on both sides - not relevant to me, as I only bought it to hang on a wall, but a great touch for people who want an actual prop. It sounds silly, but even as a horror fan, this poster sends a teeeeny little sliver of actual fear creeping in under the door of my brain - in the best way possible! I feel like I just tore this down from the heavy oak door of a (seemingly?) abandoned church in an unfamiliar town, and I'm starting to piece together the odd things that have happened since my arrival here... If only the townsfolk hadn't all slunk inside and barred their doors the moment the sun began slipping below the mountainous horizon, maybe I could ask one of them what this warning means.

*Note air quotes around "texture." The paper is in fact perfectly new and smooth to the touch, but the trompe l'oueil effect of the printing is quite good.

Nick W.
High Quality Prop

The Blutsauger Spell
I bought this prop on closeout and I was impressed. I didn't realize the text was on both sides of the paper, now I'm reluctant to frame it! Not only is the quality of the paper evident on first touch, the script, style and grammar of the German are very authentic for the time period. Someone DEFINITELY did their homework.