Mi-Go Travel Mug

Mi-Go Travel Mug

$ 20.00

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Interstellar Travel Mug

This conveniently-sized Mi-Go brain cylinder can also be used to travel with hot beverages. It's conveniently labeled "My Other Brain Cylinder is a Coffee Mug". We've traversed the lightless voids of Yuggoth to bring you the very best in Mi-Go hot beverage technology. 

This stylish cylinder is constructed of stainless steel and features a plastic black interior, a spill-proof, twist-turn lid with flip and black top seal and a bottom black EVA pad to avoid sliding, and holds 14 oz. (414ml) of coffee, tea or cerebrospinal fluid. Embarrassing brain-spills will be a thing of the past with this lidded container.

Don't miss out on our companion stainless steel Brain Cylinder Mug. Or order both mugs and save some money!

The mi-go recommend this cylinder be hand or claw-washed. Do not put in the dishwasher. Mi-Go mugs are NOT microwave safe! 

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