Mi-Go Travel Mug

Mi-Go Travel Mug

$ 20.00

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Interstellar Travel Mug

This conveniently-sized Mi-Go brain cylinder can also be used to travel with hot beverages. It's conveniently labeled "My Other Brain Cylinder is a Coffee Mug". We've traversed the lightless voids of Yuggoth to bring you the very best in Mi-Go hot beverage technology. 

This stylish cylinder is constructed of stainless steel and features a plastic black interior, a spill-proof, twist-turn lid with flip and black top seal and a bottom black EVA pad to avoid sliding, and holds 14 oz. (414ml) of coffee, tea or cerebrospinal fluid. Embarrassing brain-spills will be a thing of the past with this lidded container.

Don't miss out on our companion stainless steel Brain Cylinder Mug. Or order both mugs and save some money!

The mi-go recommend this cylinder be hand or claw-washed. Do not put in the dishwasher. Mi-Go mugs are NOT microwave safe! 

Customer Reviews

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Good idea but quality is off.

The writing comes off very easily and the cup has very little insulative quality.

Great Brain Cylinder

My brain deserves the best, and here it is. It's a great travel companion...one must always have one's brain handy on terra firma. I look forward to my brain travelling in it into interstellar space.
The cryptic inscriptions on it's surface induces people who come too near it to comment and exhibit curiosity...almost against their will.

It is easily hand washable and ready for hot coffee from a carafe. (It is metal, as all proper brain cylinders should be.)

Great Looking

The Coffee Mug/ Travel Mug combo is a great looking set. Great design on each of them. If you keep coming up with great items to put in the online store, I will always be back for more!

Portable life support system

If you like me consider your coffee mug a PLSS this is the item for you ! Not only does this stylish piece hold a sizable amount of coffee, but in case of interstellar travel it doubles as a convenient brain cylinder ! Great work guys combining the best of human and Mi-Go technology .

Tyler Odne
I hear whispers in the darkness, but at least my coffee stays hot.

The quality is amazing and the design is very stylish and fits nicely in hand. Coincidentally, I've begun hearing whispers and strange buzzing in the night since I've acquired it.