Lovecraftian Mugs

Lovecraftian Mugs

$ 15.00

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The HPLHS has created a series of delightful Lovecraft-inspired mugs for your coffee (or other beverage) drinking pleasure. All are 16oz heavy duty ceramic mugs sporting our own unique designs.

  • "I like coffee exceedingly..." quoth HPL in a letter to J. Vernon Shea. We think you'll like your coffee even better in this mug, featuring the quote and an original potrait of H.P. Lovecraft by Darrell Tutchton.
  • Esoteric Order of Dagon Cultists drink their coffee black - like our mug.
  • The seal of Miskatonic shows that you know a thing or two about coffee and medieval metaphysics. Available in black or white.

We now offer mugs and other drinkware in our Redbubble store!

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