HPLHS Gift Card

HPLHS Gift Card

$ 10.00

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Give the Gift of Lovecraft

Want to give an unforgettable gift to someone special, yet are bewildered by our huge selection of strange stuff? Our H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society Gift Card is the perfect solution. We ship it to you in a handsome red and gold gift box, and your Special Someone can use the code on the card to redeem it online for the item(s) of their choosing!

Customer Reviews

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Easy way to send a gift.

Great gift idea!

This is the perfect gift to give to those that you do not know what to buy for.

Tobias Nilsson
Joy to the world!

What better way to spread the madness, read happiness, of the HPLHS, than to give the gift of giving? I don't know, and that's why I fully support the giving of gift certificates from the Society.
So, if anyone wants to give it a go, hit me up and I'll send you my address forthwith.

Perfect! Just what I've been waiting for!!!

I admit that I am not actually a Lovecraft fan, yet every year for Christmas I come to this sight cuz nothing pleases the hubby and his friends like gifts from these guys. Today I pick up a few of the smaller items for stocking stuffers, but for his "big" gift—I was torn between the delux scrimshaw tooth and the complete boxed set of radio plays. Problem solved—a giftcard in a handsome amount and I will reap the benefits of a happy husband all day on Christmas. Thanks, HPLHS—you make it fun and easy for us non Lovecraftians as well. : )