Broers Cthulhu Idol

Broers Cthulhu Idol

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Cthulhu as Imagined by HPL

Many talented sculptors have taken on the challenge of sculpting Cthulhu. But only one is closely based on not only what Lovecraft described, but is draws directly on an illustration made by Lovecraft himself. In a letter to Robert H. Barlow from May 11, 1934, Lovecraft drew a picture of the idol of the hellish great old one described in "The Call of Cthulhu". Sculptor Joe Broers took that penciled monstrosity and rendered it into a 3 dimensional sculpture (though possibly more dimensions may be at work here).

The idol is roughy seven and one half inches tall and sits on a plinth that's roughly three inches by three inches. It's cast in polyurethane resin and finished with a faux bronze patina. Naturally the plinth is decorated with dreadful hieroglyphic characters. It weighs about two and one half pounds (1 kg).

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