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On the endless and insane quest for authenticity, we have created more than 50 custom fonts to use in props. Typographical fashions change, and since the digital age overtook typesetting and graphic design, many of the fonts common in the time of Lovecraft have fallen into disuse. We've revived many of them from vintage sources, including the 1923 American Type Founder's specimen book and the Mergenthaler Linotype catalog from the mid-1930s. Many of these fonts have slightly rough edges or irregular shapes, to capture the feel of old lead type and bygone printing technologies. One pair of fonts replicates H. P. Lovecraft's own handwriting, as seen in his correspondence.

Purchase the entire collection for only $50, that's less than a buck a font! The download features the fonts in Opentype format for easy use on PCs or Macs. The downloadable collection includes all fonts in OpenType, TrueType and Postscript formats.

A number of these fonts have been updated and improved, and these versions are available individually. Please email leman@cthulhulives.org for more information.

Please read the License Agreement before purchasing.

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