Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - The Horror at Red Hook

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - The Horror at Red Hook

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"...old brick slums and seas of dark foreign faces
are things of nightmare, and eldritch portent...."

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre®: The Horror at Red Hook lets you hear Lovecraft's controversial tale of urban horrors and depravity in the style of a 1930s radio drama. Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® presents HPL's story with a huge cast of professional actors, exciting sound effects and thrilling original music by Troy Sterling Nies. Click here for more information about our other Lovecraft stories in the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® series. It's like a movie you can enjoy with your eyes closed.

Lovecraft's fear and loathing for polyglot New York comes to life in his tale of urban occult horrors. A Brooklyn police officer takes to the streets of one of New York City's most odious neighborhoods where mysterious immigrants traffic with dodgy occultists. Will the forces of law and order be able to thwart the nefarious doings of Red Hook's most nefarious denizens and the dark forces to which they're allied?

In addition to the full 66 minute radio drama on CD, you'll get these carefully made props from the story to enhance your listening experience:

• a page from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle describing the kidnapping of children that has left Red Hook trembling with fear

• A page from Detective Malone's personnel file, with notes from his psychiatrist

• An article from the occult magazine The Channel about Robert Suydam's research into the dreaded Yezidi cultists

• An identity certificate from the U.S. Bureau of Immigration

All of these great extras are complemented by the fantastic artwork of illustrator Darrell Tutchton in the style you've come to know and love from other episodes of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre®.

The cover art is available on garments and other fun merch from our Redbubble store!

Or Download Now. You can skip the props and CD, and download a high-quality MP3 of the show right now and be enjoying it in just a few minutes. It's available as a single audio file or a collection of multiple chapter files. It's eco-friendly, with no shipping or tax charges!

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Customer Reviews

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Reece Stanley
Red Hook

Great story. Loved the cop humor.

Roger Schumacher
loved this one

The point of view of the street detective gave this a new life. The performances were great all around. Great pacing and music along with everything else that make these great.

Jeremy L
Great versions of Horror at Red Hook

This is a great production the the Horror at Red Hook. The acting is great and the music is amazing! This is a good one to put in your collection!


When I first read Lovecraft’s “The Horror at Red Hook”, I thought I must have missed a couple of key paragraphs, since parts of the tale require some extrapolation based on others of his stories, to help this one work better. Even re-reading it after listening to the DART production, I’m still unsure if Lovecraft’s “naked, tittering, phosphorescent thing” was really meant to be female, and a physical representation of Lilith, or not, an uncertainty that seems to have been shared by at least one of the original pulp illustrators. That is a fascinating interpretation, however, given Lovecraft’s own circumstances when the tale was penned. This DART version assuredly works far better as a coherent narrative, reflecting attitudes of the period, including, with great care, aspects of society’s casual racism, without making that the “horror” apparent in Lovecraft’s own writings. The set of props adds nicely to the full DART radio experience, covering elements of the cult members - a particular highlight being part of Suydam’s published researches featuring Lilith - and the leading investigator/protagonist in the story, plus a newspaper report regarding the cult’s activities that includes a useful period map of the Red Hook area. A very fine addition to the DART collection.

Aragorn Johnson
So Much Goodness

I have purchased these in the past, always .mp3 with props. I really love the ephemera that is included with these Radio plays and highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys this type of media. Get one on a CD if that's how you roll too!