Miskatonic Missives (Vol. 1) - Book 2

Miskatonic Missives (Vol. 1) - Book 2

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A Letter to Barlow

Each issue of Miskatonic Missives contains a reprint of one of H.P. Lovecraft's most interesting letters, presented alongside related archival material such as contemporary short stories, art, and maps, as well as original art and new scholarship.

Each volume is also packaged with a set of exclusive extras—replicas of related historical documents and ephemera such as photos, maps, ticket stubs, postcards, news clippings, and diary pages.

This issue of Miskatonic Missives explores two letters sent from H.P. Lovecraft to Robert H. Barlow in March & April 1934. The book is printed in full colour on premium quality paper, Smythe sewn, and bound with a hardcover.

Vol. I, No. 2 includes the following facsimile items:

  • A period postcard depicting a wealthy neighbourhood in DeLand, Florida;
  • A Florida Motor Lines bus ticket stub, similar to that which Lovecraft would have received on his travels;
  • A page from a catalogue showing 'The Luck of Edenhall’, a glass beaker with a fascinating history; and
  • A re-creation of a period map of DeLand, Florida.

Title: Miskatonic Missives
Editors: Sean Branney & Andrew Leman
Authors: Various
Date of publication: 2022
Format: Hardcover, 6 × 9 inches (152 × 229 mm)
Pages: 156
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-911683-03-2

Customer Reviews

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Robert H Barlow may, at first acquaintance, seem as obscure a figure as any of Lovecraft’s correspondents to have letters to them featured in this series of hardback, attractively bound, books, prepared by the HPLHS. Barlow though, despite being only about 16 years old when this pair of letters were written in early 1934, became Lovecraft’s chosen literary executor, a task he was sadly called upon to fulfil a mere three years later, amid considerable problems from others of Lovecraft’s circle of correspondents. The letters here cover the broad range of subjects expected and less-so that Number 1 in this series introduced us to, expanded and discussed further by illustrations, notes, short and not-so-short reprinted tales, and a particularly detailed section on the historically-genuine, ancient, highly-decorated glass beaker, “The Luck of Eden Hall”, and its connection to Lovecraft, an object from Cumbria in northwest England. These letters are important too in indicating Lovecraft’s planning for his first trip to visit young Barlow and his family in Florida around May Eve in 1934. The ‘insular, reclusive’ Lovecraft travelling to Florida? Surely not! Such information forms an essential element in helping to lay the fictions that have grown up regarding Lovecraft to rest, possible now in part thanks to this fine, middle text of Volume I’s trio of “Missives”.