Call of Cthulhu Classic Boxed Set

Call of Cthulhu Classic Boxed Set

$ 119.99

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The One That Started It All

Our friends at Chaosium celebrated the game's 40th anniversary by republishing the one of the earliest editions of the game and then combing it with many of the great supplements and scenarios from the game's early edition. If you weren't there for the mind-blowing release of Call of Cthulhu back in the 80s (or even if you were and want to relive it in all its glory) this is the Lovecraftian Bonanza for you.

So, what do you get? 

  • The Core Game Rules - this is the 2nd edition from back in the 80s, but hey, it's still ready to play. And with some basic math adjustments, you can take any of the stuff from this set and play it using the current 7th edition rules.
  • 1920s Sourcebook - all kinds of useful information for CoC gamers about life in the 20s and the stuff Investigators might have
  • Vintage World Map - our world, how it used to be
  • Investigator Sheets & Character Silhouettes - aids for playing and a great tool for helping grasp the horrid size of mythos monsters
  • Keeper's Screen - the old 1983 version of it s back in all it's glory.
  • 40th Anniversary Dice - the 40th is a ruby anniversary and Chaosium's included a full set of game dice in a dark red ruby color
  • Arkham Poster Map - a super-sized map of Arkham and its environs
  • Shadows of Yog-Sothoth - it was the first published CoC campaign and it features some terrific scenarios
  • The Asylum and Other Tales - a collection of seven classic Call of Cthulhu scenarios
  • The Cthulhu Companion - all kinds of extra info for the game, plus four more scenarios 
  • Fragments of Fear - another supplement with more info, gods, monsters and another scenario
  • Trail of Tsathoggua - this supplement contains the mini-campaign of the same name plus Keith Herber's scenario "The Haunted House". The HPLHS' Sean Branney says this is his all time favorite published scenario for the game!

Holy cow, that's a lot of stuff. And for the first time you can get it somewhere other than directly from Chaosium. You can get it from the HPLHS! We were so delighted to see all of these great vintage CoC publications coming back that we developed our own award-winning Call of Cthulhu Classic Prop Set to go with it. And at long last, we're able to offer you Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu Classic, our Classic Prop Set or the Call of Cthulhu Classic bundle that features them both together for an awesome price.


Q. So I can really play these scenarios with the current 7th edition rules? 

A: Yep - if you can multiply by 5, you'll find it's very easy to play some of these old adventures with the current set of rules.

Q: Do I have to buy the HPLHS prop set to be able to use the Chaosium's Classic Boxed Set?

A: Absolutely not. The HPLHS prop set is add-on to give to tons of super-realistic props for all of these adventures, but it's a purely optional product

Q: Yikes, shipping's expensive on the combo. What's up with that?

A: Yes, the two sets together weigh about ten pounds. But if you break it down by hours of fun per dollar or shipping cost, you'll find this is actually quite a bargain.

Q: Why does Branney think "The Haunted House" Is so good? Isn't that the scenario with Mr. Corbit that many beginners start with?

A: No, that scenario's called "The Haunting". This is also a haunted house scenario, but it's a much more complicated story. There's tons of props and lots to investigate, but everytime's he's run it, it's led to some really intense and satisfying gaming. And hey, now there's a deluxe props for the many handouts in that scenario. 

Customer Reviews

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This is a great box set! I bought this along with their set of props and can’t wait to run the campaign!!! The props really add another level of immersion to the story telling!

Gordon Todd Hanson
Comfortable Shoes

It was 1982 when I purchased my first box set of Call of Cthulhu. This new anniversary printing brings back very fond memories. Memories of learning a different sort of role-playing game. This magical box transfers the chilling the atmosphere, pacing, and tone of HPL tales onto my game table.
An amazing package. Well worth every bit of your Deep One Gold. I estimate that the contents of this (heavy) box is worth $130 - IN 1982 DOLLARS!
As I am reading the basic rulebook, it occurred to me, that the rules felt so clear, concise, and comfortable, that I may start running my games using this original format.
I always seek out the new editions of every RPG I play. But, it is tempting to continue my current CofC campaign using this classic version. It feels so right - like putting on comfortable shoes.
G.T. Hanson
HPLHS member #5449