The Outsider Vinyl LP

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Cadabra Records brings to life one of H. P. Lovecraft’s most beloved tales, “The Outsider”, written in 1921 and was first published in Weird Tales, April 1926. H. P. Lovecraft himself said that, of all his tales, this particular story most closely resembled the style of his idol Edgar Allan Poe. Lovecraft wrote in a letter that it “represents my literal though unconscious imitation of Poe at its very height.” The Outsider remains one of Lovecraft’s most popular tales.

Theologian provides an atmospheric, synth driven soundscape creating a world of gothic nightmare and the feel of worm eaten isolation. Voice, stage and screen actor Andrew Leman unleashes a masterful performance invoking the desolation and despair of a monstrosity time has forgotten.

NOTE: these recordings are NOT dramatizations like our Dark Adventure Radio Theatre. They are readings of Lovecraft's original text.

* Colored 160 gram vinyl
• Insert with liner notes by weird fiction scholar S. T. Joshi
* Hand calligraphy by Josh Yelle
* Newly commissioned art by Karmazid
• Includes a 18″ x 24″ promotional poster 

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