Tentacle Pint Glass

Tentacle Pint Glass

$ 12.50

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Our tentacle glasses were so popular, they simply could not be made fast enough to keep up with the demand. So, we commissioned new tentacles from mythos artist Darrell Tutchton and found a new production facility to make New and Improved Tentacle Pint Glasses.

The tentacle glass holds 16oz. (a bit less than a half litre for you metric types) of your favorite liquid. We find it useful for storing excess Mi-Go Cylinder Brain Suspension Fluid - but that's just us. They are dishwasher safe, sturdy and strangely lovely.

Or have a few of your friends over and enjoy our Tentacle Glass Pub Set. It's a four-pack of these terrific vessels.

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy L
It's tentacool!

This is a well made pint glass, perfect for any iced beverage (That's how I like my coffee). The tentacles are acid etched into the glass making it last longer than a vinyl wrap like on most pint glasses!

Al(an) Bazin
What fresh Eldritch hell is this? (Answer: the freshest)

When I'm not drinking the night terrors away at The Gilman House, I do so at home, exclusively from these exquisitely designed chalices, which I find strangely comforting. They have the added advantage of being prized by Innsmouth folk, so if you find yourself needing to bribe Old Joe Sargent to make a special stop on his bus, or if you want to see what really goes down out at the blackest of reefs in the dead of night, bring along some of these treasured glasses and you may just find out. Don't mention I sent you, though. No seriously, do not mention that I told you these things, not to anyone in Innsmouth, ever. In fact, forget I said anything, anything at all. Oh God, what have I done? How do I delete thi

Addictingly perfect

I bought mine years ago (at least 4), and was so impressed with the first set of four when they arrived that I almost immediately turned around and ordered a second set. Eventually I'll order another couple of sets, so that I have a full 16. I love using them with guests and watching their faces as they empty the glass enough to really see the pattern....

Scott Barber
Quality glass, subtly sanity destroying tentacles

Exactly what it looks like in the picture, a high quality pub glass suitable for everyday use or for those special ceremonial events. The etched glass blends with the color of the drink, and is subtle enough that it often takes my guests a half a pint to realize they have been losing their sanity. So glad they etched the pattern instead of using paint.