Miskatonic Myrmidons T-Shirt

Miskatonic Myrmidons T-Shirt

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Miskatonic University - Arkham's shining beacon of the light of learning illuminating the darkness of ignorance. Sure, their Medieval Metaphysics program is great, but true fans love their athletic teams: the Miskatonic Myrmidons.
Now, through a special arrangement with Miskatonic's Athletic Department, we're pleased to offer this quality athletic t-shirt. If you're a serious Myrmidons supporter, don't miss our Myrmidons Sweatshirt and Zip Hoodie.

Our Miskatonic Myrmidons t-shirt features black ink on a heather gray shirt, screened in-house by our specially trained shoggoth on 100% cotton shirt made in the USA by Royal Apparel.

What's a Myrmidon? In Homer's Illiad, the Myrmidons were the soldiers commanded by the great hero Achilles in the Trojan war. These classical warriors commanded respect for the unflagging loyalty and prowess in battle. Miskatonic Chancellor Edwin Pyke coined the name for the university's sports teams in 1871.

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