Lovecraftian Pocket Watch

Lovecraftian Pocket Watch

$ 65.00

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Paleogean Gulfs of Time in Your Pocket

The crazed maniacs over at Vermilion Collection offer their latest creation - a Lovecraft-inspired pocket watch. They've read “The Shadow Out of Time" carefully and have done their best to capture the bizarre iconography of the Great Race of Yith into a pocket watch that would look right at home on a 1920s investigator. 

After a good initial winding, daily movement of the watch will keep the mechanism wound and on time. This handsome piece comes with the watch chain shown in the photos. It's not an antique, but it looks like one, and comes to you at a pleasantly affordable price.


Customer Reviews

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Christopher Lyon
Lovely little mysterious watch

A decent skeleton half hunting case mechanical watch.
The gold hands on the gold works are a little hard to read for my eyes, but that's a fairly common issue with skeleton watches. The window for the case is without lens. I would love an index to the symbols. Some I know, others I can only guess at.
It comes with a clip belt chain for use as a pocket watch, or a chain to wear around the neck as a locket watch and is sized appropriately.
As a warning: I've heard in the past that wearing a watch as a locket watch increase wear and tear on the inner workings of the watch from bouncing while you're walking. Between that and modern pocket watches seeming to need maintenance a little more often than vintage, you might want to limit using it as such.
As a suggestion: Pick up an actual fob chain. The Miskatonic class necklace (sold out here, but still available from the maker) makes a wonderful fob. I use a double albert chain and have added an elder sign to the other pocket.

Carlos Enrique Armenta Tron
Beautiful pocket watch

It is beautifully crafted, the detail is awesome and even the box is a delight. I also like that you can see all the cogs working while marking the time. It is indeed a shadow out of time.

Inger Helldal
Amazing piece

The item is well-described in other reviews. Fun, gorgeous, and full of detail. If it came in other colors, I'd buy one of each.

The first one I received was unfortunately broken, but HPLHS's customer service is superb. The replacement was in the mail the day after I contacted them and works wonderfully.

John Burford
Sturdy and delicate

This watch arrived in a nice box, well-packed. Though others have remarked to the contrary, the watch itself seemed to me both hefty and sturdy, yet has some beautiful, delicate work in it. It may be said its fineness makes it difficult to read, but the compensation is that you spend a little time savouring its beauty. It is, after all, in the style of a more leisurely era. It has a nice Gothic feel about it. A pendant chain, as well as a waistcoat chain, are provided. Instructions are hardly needed. It winds and adjusts just like any such pocket watch, with the benefit of self-winding from movement. I am sure there are other ways it might have been made, but I am very pleased with the watch as it is.

Another lovely piece.

Others have discussed the physical characteristics of the watch, nearly all of which I agree with. Minor disagreements with other reviews would be the weight of the watch, which would a personal preference issue (it could be heavier, which might conceivably affect the hang of dress clothing, but it is not fragile), and the visibility of the hands (I'm divided on that; yes, the hands could be more visible, but then I might be less apt to twist the watch to catch the light and become entranced by the beauty of the inner works).

As usual, HPLHS has made available a work of art, paralleled by the functionality of the piece. Although I will have very rare occasions to wear it overtly, I carry it anyway. It's too lovely to languish on a shelf.