July 2019 Call of Cthulhu™ Game Night

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July 2019 Call of Cthulhu™ Game Night

$ 10.00

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Join very special guest Keeper of the Arcane Lore Mark Morrison for an evening of Call of Cthulhu RPG gaming at HPLHS Headquarters in Glendale, California on Sunday, July 28 at 7pm.

Krakow, Poland 1922. It is late February, at the end of winter. A meteor has fallen in the mountains south of the city. The University of Krakow arranges a small expedition to go look for findings and meteorites. Five people travel south together. Each is looking for their own answers. What they find will change them forever...

A 7th edition Call of Cthulhu scenario for five players by Mark Morrison & John Coleman. No previous experience or rules knowledge is required. A good set of lungs for screaming may be of advantage. Character sheets will be provided.


Mark has been writing scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game for more than 30 years, almost as long as Cthulhu has been asleep.

His work includes editing Horror on the Orient Express, as well as contributing to H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands, Terror Australis, Mansions of Madness, At Your Door, Arkham Unveiled, Fearful Passages, Escape from Innsmouth, Reign of Terror, the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set and more, as well as making licensed products with his company Campaign Coins (campaigncoins.com). He also worked on the storyline for the official Call of Cthulhu computer game developed by Cyanide Studio for Focus Home Interactive.

Like Cthulhu, he looks forwards to a long nap.

NOTE: To discourage those who book a seat at the table and then don't show up, we've had to implement a policy of charging for gaming reservations. For your $10 fee, you'll get a seat at the table and we'll provide tasty refreshments! Seats are limited and reservations are required. Book your ticket now.

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