Hickman Cthulhu Idol

Hickman Cthulhu Idol

$ 250.00

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Not Dead But Dreaming

Update: we're sad to announce that Stephen Hickman passed away earlier this year. At present, we do not know whether more of these will be cast and made available to us. You can request to be notified if we get more but at present we don't know if that will happen.

While many sculptors have taken on Lovecraft's iconic image of Cthulhu, this is (in our opinion) one of the finest. The sculpture was featured on the cover of Bren Books Cthulhu The Mythos and other Kindred Horrors by Robert E. Howard. Sculpted by artist Stephen Hickman, the first edition of this sculpture has been unavailable for many years. Thanks to a Kickstarter by Flights of Imagination, a new edition of the Hickman Cthulhu Idol is back!

The idol is roughy nine inches tall and sits on a plinth that's four inches in diameter. It's cast in polyurethane resin and finished with a pleasingly strange greenish black patina. This new edition is limited to 400 numbered casts. The idol comes incredibly well packaged in  a custom foam enclosure inside a handsome collector's box. 

Collector's Note:  Some of the outer boxes in this batch show some wear and tear. With some it's hardly noticeable, with others some of the boxes clearly show the wear. These are still brand new and the idols inside are in perfect shape, but some of the packaging is a little scuffed up.

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