EOD Cthulhu Pillar

$ 225.00

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Outside the entrance to the Esoteric Order of Dagon in Innsmouth, it is said there are two hideous pillars topped with a depiction of a dreadful thing...

Bryan Moore of Arkham Studios, is just the kind of guy to sculpt such a thing. It's dread Cthulhu sitting atop a plinth, dripping with tentacles and sleek curved wings. There have been a number of great sculptures of Cthulhu, but this is among our favorites. It's a little Art Deco, a little H.R. Geiger, and a whole lot of creepy. Get a pair and have some truly bizarre bookends.

The EOD Cthulhu Pillar is hand-cast in polyuerethane resin and hand finished with a faux bronze rub (it's blackish, with bronze highlights). These are not mass produced in a Taiwanese factory - they are handcrafted by none other the Bryan Moore himself in his underground laboratory!

Height: 10" - 25.4 cm
Width: 3" - 7.6 cm
Depth: 5" -12.7 cm
Weight: 2lbs. - 0.9kg