Auction Catalog Prop

Auction Catalog Prop

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An Auction of Occult Artifacts

When we released our Prop Set for Call of Cthulhu Classic, we realized that there was one prop in particular - the auction catalog from "The Auction" in The Asylum and Other Tales - where a Keeper might want multiple copies. The catalog has places for characters to take notes and make bids, so each Investigator might want to have one of their own. Not knowing how many players you might have, we included two with the prop set, but if a Keeper needs more, we're happy to oblige. 

The auction catalog is 12 pages, printed in color, with text in French, German and English. It lists a collection of occult artifacts being auctioned by Ausperg House and provides ample room for players to take notes as the scenario unfolds.

This prop could be utilized by Keepers in other ways or for other purposes.

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