Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - At the Mountains of Madness

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - At the Mountains of Madness

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"An expedition to the ends of the earth
resulting in death and madness..."

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre®: At the Mountains of Madness brings Lovecraft's tale to life as it might have been adapted for radio during his lifetime. In the style of The War of the Worlds and The Shadow, Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® dramatizes HPL's story with a cast of professional actors, exciting sound effects and original music by Troy Sterling Nies (composer for The Call of Cthulhu). Relive the excitement of 1930s radio with one of HP Lovecraft's most exciting and fascinating stories: At the Mountains of Madness.

In addition to the full 75 minute radio drama on CD, you'll get these carefully made props from the story to enhance your listening experience:

• A clipping from the Arkham Advertiser chronicling Miskatonic's expedition, including a map and pictures

• Two previously unreleased photographs of the ancient city taken by Danforth and Dyer which corroborate their findings

• A page torn from Danforth's sketchbook, depicting the fantastical murals of the Elder Things and their strange star-shaped stones

And of course it's beautifully produced and packaged with the same deranged attention to detail that you'll find in other HPLHS products. At the Mountains of Madness was our first Dark Adventure Radio Theatre show and remains our bestselling title in the series. The CD edition also includes a free MP3 download of the show. 

Or Download Now. You can skip the props and CD, and download a high-quality MP3 of the show right now and be enjoying it in just a few minutes. It's available as a single audio file or a collection of multiple chapter files. It's eco-friendly, with no shipping or tax charges!

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Dark Adventure Radio Theatre is right here.

Customer Reviews

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First Episode of the Best Radio Series Ever Made!!!

Such a fantastic production. Not just an excellent adaptation of a story and mythos I love, but also a superb use of the best medium for telling these stories, old time radio. Very grateful there are people creating this kind of entertainment with this level of quality.



Roger Schumacher
Wonderful produced radio show

I very much enjoyed this episode of Dark Adventure Radio Theater. The characters really came to life in this format and I felt the fear they felt as they explored the dark city. The music and sound effects added much to the voice performances. Very good adaption of the source material. Looking forward to sampling other episodes of Radio Theater.

These are all excellent

I've purchased pretty much every Dark Adventure Radio program they've done. They are all excellent....especially when out camping in the woods. Good times! You really can't go wrong with any of these!

Neil Brooker
All it needs is an eerie glow

...Coming from the waveband indicator on the front of the radiogram mounted in the sitting room. Remember those?

DART certainly do, and offer a period piece which would sound perfect coming from the speakers of one of those venerable devices. It's all here - flicking through the bands (cleverly spelling out "HLPHS"), through the sponsor's commercial (delivered with perfect gusto), to the Main Event itself.

"At the Mountains of Madness" is my favourite HPL story, but I'd wondered how it could be dramatised, even within an audio setting. The way DART approaches it is perfect - a faithful rendition which uses narrative devices to make the adaptation sound perfectly natural. The use of dialogue both served to breathe life into characters and acted as shorthand for some of the story's descriptive passages, and drew out the theme of "madness," which added depth. And, while for me a favourite part of the story is the narrative charting the history of the Elder Things from their arrival on Earth to their demise, editing that passage was essential to maintain the flow of the piece, and handled extremely well.

I wish it was possible to give a 4.5 star rating to this superb piece of work, rather than a miserly 4; deducting a star for a niggle based on personal prejudice seems barely fair. However - to these ears - some of the effects seemed a little too... modern for 1930s radio. But that's a very minor point and doesn't detract from the enjoyment of an amazing effort.