The Walakeas EP: Island Music for Deep Ones

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The Walakeas EP: Island Music for Deep Ones

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From an unnamed reef far beneath the Kanaky Islands of the South Pacific, The Walakeas have risen! This half Deep One band delighted audiences at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland and we got hold of a handful of their CDs. This fishy ensemble consists of singer Mike Dalager, and Craig Aldrich and Stephen Costantino on ukuleles. Together, they bring a Deep One spin to some classic Hawaiian songs:

Somewhere Under the Ocean (a lovely new version of the Ogham Waite classic)
Webbed Hybrid Hands (to the tune of "Lovely Hula Hands")
Kanakies (known elsewhere as "The Hukilau Song")

Click the titles above to hear samples!

We have only a limited number of CDs, packaged, of course, in a clam shell case. Grab one while you can!

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