Amulet of Tsathoggua

Amulet of Tsathoggua

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By what foul alchemy or godless sorcery the Gates of Hell are opened I do not know

In Robert E. Howard's celebrated tale of ancient horrors, "The Black Stone", its unnamed narrator discovers an amulet honoring a foul and ancient god in the ruins of a medieval castle. Along with it he finds an account of a clash between Muslim soldiers and otherworldly pagans, written by the Turkish scribe Selim Bahadur. 

A photo of these items is one of the props included with the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre episode of "The Black Stone", but of course the photo is in black and white, and you can only see one side of the scroll. Now the HPLHS has painstakingly created the primitive amulet of the deranged worshippers of the foul god Tsathoggua for real. While it's not cast in actual gold, the amulet looks and feels like real antiqued gold. And the handwritten account of Selim Bahadur has been recreated in exacting detail and rendered into medieval Turkish in full color on both sides. The amulet weighs a full quarter of a pound and comes in a velvet bag, inside a bank bag direct from Charlie Tower's vault. 

Use them in a LARP game or as props in a role playing game. Frame them and display them as odd artifacts of the Cthulhu Mythos. It's up to you - but these beautiful pieces will be a prized part of any Lovecraftian collection.

The amulet is 2.75 inches high and 3 inches wide. The scroll is 9 x 6.

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