Cree-Pee Lovecraftian Portfolio

Cree-Pee Lovecraftian Portfolio

$ 8.50

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If you're of a certain age, you'll likely recall the ubiquitous school supply that came in the form of a peach-colored folder. The original has lapsed into obscurity, but we've brought it back and given it a hearty dose of Lovecraftian fun!

Store the first draft of your novel of cosmic horror, your important work documents, Call of Cthulhu™ character sheets, Dark Adventure Radio Theatre props, or anything else you don't want your parents to read in this detailed re-imagining of the classic school folder. Profusely illustrated by artist Darrell Tutchton, the Cree-Pee has a nice matte finish, ready for you to doodle on! And like the original, the interior flaps contain a wealth of useful information including an Enochian Table, blood volume conversions, handy exorcisms, Elder Signs and much, much more.

Of course, during the Nixon administration you could get that original peachy portfolio for a pittance. It's taken a bit of work for us to resurrect this gem (let alone find a printer who could or would print it). A Cree-Pee may cost a little more, but as you start to doodle on top of the cover illustrations, you'll find it well worth every penny.

Measures the same as the original: 9.5 x 12.1875 inches.

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