H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival - Classics Vol. 1

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Our pals at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival® in Portland, OR have been the vanguard of independent horror filmmaking, with a cosmic or Weird twist, for more than 20 years. They've harvested a number of classic Lovecraftian shorts from the festival's glorious history.

Short Films on this volume:

Call of Nature - director Rick Tillman
Static Aeons - director Gib Patterson
From Beyond - directors Andrew Migliore & Ken Avenoso
The Necronomicon - director Joseph Nanni
A Short Nap... Ever Elongating - director The Amelus
Black Goat - director Joseph Nanni
Derailed - director Nicolas Simonin
Frank Dancoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer - director Andrew Jones
Bedtime for Timmy - director Thomas Nicol
To Oblivion - director Robert Cappelletto
Elder Sign - director Joseph Nanni
The Music of Jo Hyeja - director Jihyun Park

Bonus Materials: Lovecraftian feature film trailers and a Poster Gallery of all the past festival posters we could get our hands on!

Runtime approximately 113 minutes.
NTSC Region 0, progressive.
Audio: English Only
The films contained in this collection are unrated and are intended for mature viewers

"H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival" is a registered trademark of Lurker Films, Inc. and used with permission.

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