Cthulhu Tree Topper

$ 24.00

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Deck the Halls with an Abomination

Yes, there are those who top their Christmas trees with angels, stars or ribbons. But for those of you who prefer to top it with Great Cthulhu, we're here to help. The HPLHS is delighted to offer a blown glass Cthulhu tree topper to bring extra madness and horror to your holiday celebrations.

We got a batch of these and we found the detailing quite delightful. It's roughly 6" high and 3" wide. The red details stand out nicely from the hellish mottled green/black of Cthulhu's body and golden orb. Each one comes delicately packaged in a Cthulhu mini-tomb suitable for holiday gift giving.

Got the tree top covered but want a Cthulhu ornament? You've come to the right place.

SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED - Order yours now.

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