Essential Saltes

Essential Saltes

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...and by the lyke Method from the essential Saltes
of humane Dust, a Philosopher may, without any
criminal Necromancy, call up the Shape of any
dead Ancestour from the Dust whereinto his Bodie
has been incinerated.
—Borellus, 1654

In Lovecraft's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, the nefarious Joseph Curwen and his allies collect the essential saltes of some of the world's great thinkers. These dusty remains are then conjured through black magic to raise the dead into a living form from which occult fiends like Curwen can extract further horrid secrets.

Our essential saltes* are specially designed for Lovecraft fans, gamers and or recreational occultists**. Here the fine blue-gray dust described by HPL sparkles handsomely through a heavy duty, all glass, stoppered jar (roughly 6" tall x 3.25" in diameter, 500ml in volume). The jar is then labeled with its occupant's indentification, sealed with wax and cord and then embossed with a protective sigil. It's weird, hefty, and bespeaks your exceedingly good taste in strange collectibles. Also included is a letter from Hutchinson to Curwen detailing their necromanctic activities.

*HPLHS essential saltes are intended for recreational, artistic and occult use. They are NOT bath salts nor cooking salts; they would wreck your bath and would taste incredibly unpleasant. Accordingly, we generally do not recommend breaking the hermetic wax seal.

**The HPLHS does not guarantee the efficacy of any occult processes which may be employed in attempts to raise the dead via this product. We do guarantee that it will look very cool on the shelf next to your creepy books. No actual human remains are harmed in the making of this product.

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