Dateline: Lovecraft

Dateline: Lovecraft

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Lovecraft often incorporated newspaper items into the plots of his stories, and clippings have been prominently-featured clues in many Mythos games.

Dateline: Lovecraft is a unique and rather astonishing gaming prop created by the Australian company Cthulhu Reborn. It is an entire issue of the fictional newspaper The Arkham Advertiser, the one for October 15, 1928. It is a full 12-page traditional broadsheet size newspaper loaded front to back with international and local news stories from that day, ads, clues and atmosphere that you can enjoy all by itself and/or incorporate into your Call of Cthulhu® or other games. The newspaper comes with a 98-page resource book that exhaustively indexes the contents of the newspaper, provides suggestions for how to get the most out of it, and includes three gaming scenarios you can play that tie into the newspaper's contents. It is system-independent and can work with any TTRPG or LARP.

Here at HPLHS we really enjoy prop newspaper clippings, and when we produced our complete Dagon Newspaper we came to appreciate how much work it takes to make one. What Dean Engelhardt of Cthulhu Reborn has achieved with Dateline: Lovecraft really commands our respect, and we are very pleased to be able to offer this product to customers in the USA and elsewhere. It is twice the length of our Dagon Newspaper, and it is like a time machine made of paper that will take you back to Arkham in October of 1928. Dean has designed a very convincing prop document, and used a lot of HPLHS fonts in the layout, so his newspaper looks right at home among HPLHS prop newspaper clippings that have been produced for our various Dark Adventure Radio Theatre episodes and gaming prop collections. He also used design elements available in our own Prop Document collection, so if you want to create new specific clippings of your own, you can make them match! We also offer a collection of newspaper design materials as a free download so you can more easily incorporate newspaper clippings into your own games.

The newspaper and sourcebook are packaged together in a zippered vinyl pouch.

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