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From time to time, the HPLHS has some one-of-a-kind Lovecraftian artifacts that we're ready to part ways with. We want to find good homes for these bizarre treasures, so we're going to raffle them off and donate the funds to a worthy charity (see below). The more tickets you buy, the greater your chance of winning the item and the more you contribute to a great cause. Thanks to your generosity, the HPLHS has donated more than $5,000 to hurricane reconstruction in Puerto Rico!

Congratulations to Thomas P. in Portland, OR for winning the second raffle, for the nickel-plated Legrasse Cthulhu Idol, and to Noah S. of Cincinatti, OH and Daniel C. of Minneapolis, MN for winning the runner-up prizes of the movie on DVD!


This week's item is the original screen-used prop Mi-Go Optical Instrument which appeared in the 2011 HPLHS motion picture The Whisperer in Darkness. This is the device which allowed the disembodied brains of B-67 and Henry Akeley to see Albert Wilmarth. Apart from a brain cylinder or two, it is the only surviving piece of Mi-Go apparatus from the film.

The prop was built by the team of Fred Manchento, Jason Voss, and Andrew Leman, and was operated on screen by Chris Lackey. It is 9.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide at the base, made from a mixed assemblage of salvaged mechanical and electronic parts. The wiring that used to light up the "eyes" has been cut, but the wires are still there, so restoration would theoretically not be impossible, especially if you had a Mi-Go friend.

The winner of the raffle will also receive a DVD copy of The Whisperer in Darkness. Two runner-up winners will also receive the movie on DVD.

We will randomly draw a winning ticket and two runners-up from all raffle tickets sold between noon February 5 and noon PST February 26, 2018. The HPLHS will pay for shipping and handling of the item to the winner (yes, to anywhere in the world).


All proceeds from HPLHS Raffle Tickets will be donated to the UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program to Support Puerto Rico.  When Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico on September 20, the unprecedented storm destroyed much of the island, leaving the great majority of Puerto Ricans, including several HPLHS members, without power, water, communications or access to food. Although months have elapsed, the island is still devastated and continues to need support. Over 30% is still without electricity. There are and have been a number of private and non-profit relief efforts, and we have chosen to support the UNIDOS program convened by the Hispanic Federation. It has an excellent reputation for efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness.

"Even though the dire situation in Puerto Rico has improved with the assistance received by the public and private sectors, many people still suffer the hurricane’s aftermaths. Lack of electric power for a long period of time has resulted in the shutting down of businesses, high unemployment and migration. Thousands lost their homes and thousands more lost their roofs. Currently, running water is not potable and not safe to drink. The impact of the hurricane also took a toll on the emotional well-being of Puerto Ricans; for example, the suicide rate has increased significantly.

Non-profit organizations have been key towards restoring dignity and normality in Puerto Rico. They help address immediate needs ranging from housing and employment to emotional ones. They have strict accountability standards in place to ensure that your donations are wisely invested in re-building Puerto Rico. All donations are truly appreciated. Thank you." - David F. McCloskey, HPLHS member and resident of Puerto Rico


Our raffles last year generated almost $5,000 for the H.P. Lovecraft Providence Statue project. Winners have won very special items made by the HPLHS. Take a chance and buy a ticket - you'll be supporting a great cause and you might be our next winner. 


Q: I bought a ticket in the last raffle. Am I still eligible to win this prize?

A: No. Each raffle is self-contained. When we have a winner, then we toss out all the non-winning entries and start afresh.

Q: What are my odds of winning?

A: There's only so many HPL fans out there willing to support a great cause like this. Our first raffle had odds of 1:265.

Q: I live overseas. Would you really ship these rather cumbersome telephones to me for free?

A: Yup. It's not so much that it's free - but the fine folks at the HPLHS will pay for  the shipping costs.

Q: I bought ten tickets but I only got one PDF of a raffle ticket with one number on it. What gives?

A: The PDF is really just a souvenir so you get something for your purchase. We actually use your invoice number to track your entry in the raffle and we use it to notify you if you won. We do keep track of how many tickets each customer buys and we if you bought ten tickets, we put ten slips with your invoice number in the Mystic Cardboard Box of Eldritch Wonders from which we draw a winner.

Q: Will this prize actually be awarded to someone who buys a ticket this week?

A: Yes.

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